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Ask for a Loan 5 Tips for Getting a Loan

Requesting a loan is quick and easy, but it is necessary to know some aspects that will facilitate the successful outcome of the request. The first question is who to ask for a loan and how to apply for a loan ?

Find below 5 tips to get the loan ; we will also tell you why entrust yourself to Globalfin, what benefits you can take advantage of absolutely free ! For more details contact us, also through the form that you find on our website ( the request will not be forwarded to credit data banks like Crif – we protect your privacy ).

If you have a question , a doubt, you want advice on how to do it, write us a comment now. At the bottom of this article you will find a dedicated space (free service).

Let’s see together how to apply for a loan .

How to apply for a loan?

How to apply for a loan?

Are you by chance asking ” where to apply for a loan “? You are looking on the web, so the first answer is to apply for an online loan , but beware! Before activating it is useful to know ” what is needed ” to make this request? What are the requirements ?

If this is the first time you need new liquidity and therefore want to borrow money, it is important to know who to borrow money , who to apply for a loan . The online institutes that grant credit are different. We can distinguish 3 opportunities:

  • make a request directly to a credit institution (bank or financial institution)
  • avail of the support of a loan comparator
  • rely on the advice of a credit broker (our case)

When you have clear ideas on how much to apply, the choice could fall on a bank or by selecting the best offer offered by the loan comparator . But remember one thing: make a maximum of one request! If a loan is applied to several institutions at the same time, it will almost certainly be rejected because the banks and financial databases will read that the client is accessing credit through various institutions.

So the first rule is ” I feel sure I can get financing. For this I will make only one request online “.

This is not our case because the requests will not be reported to credit data banks such as Crif. Below we will see what are the requirements to request funding online and not.

Ask for a loan in the bank, how to do?

Ask for a loan in the bank, how to do?

Asking for a loan to the bank , in general, is the first action that takes place (of course I intend to ask the bank ). But everyone does this reasoning because:

  • they look for the best bank to apply for a loan, hence the one with the most advantageous rates
  • they have difficulty with this institute and for this they want to evaluate other solutions.

If you are convinced of getting the best product from your credit institution, then contacting your bank is the solution. If, on the other hand, you want to consider other opportunities, the internet allows you to discover new alternatives and, among these, consider what is right for you.

Remember, however, to apply for an online loan , ie no longer apply for financing applications at the same time.

Requirements for applying for a loan

Requirements for applying for a loan

The requirements for applying for funding are different, certainly a demonstrable income. Therefore, requests for funding without a paycheck , or without guarantees, can hardly be accepted as it is not guaranteed to the bank or financial how the debt can be repaid. In these cases a second signature (guarantor) can change the fate of the practice.

In addition to income, we see what other conditions must be met to apply for a personal loan :

  • have already obtained a personal loan
  • be regular in payments
  • not be excessively indebted (the minimum poverty line must be respected at around € 504 per month)
  • have not made any other requests in the last 30 days
  • to have repaid at least 10/12 installments of the last loan obtained
  • if they guarantee other financing, these must be repaid on a regular basis

These are the basic conditions to be met in order to evaluate a request for funding, but these will not be the only ones. Each institution has its own credit rules.

Can the guarantor request a loan ? Yes, provided that, as mentioned above, the financial commitments are all repaid regularly.

Required documents

If the applicant is an independent or freelancer:

  • last tax return
  • Chamber of Commerce

For employees :

  • last two paychecks
  • CU (single certification)

Retirees, on the other hand, will have to provide:

  • last two coupons (if required)
  • CU (single certification)
  • obis model m (if required)
  • anamnestic certificate (if required)

In addition to these documents, the practice must be supplemented with a copy of the identity document (valid), health card, residence permit for foreign citizens.

Can I apply for a loan even if protested or reported as a bad payer to Crif?

It is provided that the applicant is an employee hired with a permanent contract or a pensioner. In both cases, whether you speak of protest , or reporting in the database , obtaining credit is possible through:

  • assignment of the fifth salary or pension

Only for employees (public, state or private) you can ask for a second paycheck loan:

  • delegation of payment

Finally, only for employees of private companies (sole proprietorships, sas, snc, cooperatives, srl and spa) may be required:

  • Modified loan or payroll loan

For more details on these solutions, contact us now!

How much time does it take to request another loan?

It is sufficient 30 days from the last request on condition that the previous institute has updated the status requested in archived (example rejected or renounced). If the same remains in processing, then still in evaluation, the times are extended up to 6 months.

Having verified this aspect, before asking for another loan , I suggest you understand why the first institution rejected your application. Only in this way can you get a different result. This type of analysis is not simple, so many customers rely on our advice.

We analyze the real possibilities and potential of a client in order to guarantee him obtaining the requested loan.

How many loans can you get?

How many loans can you get?

It depends, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  • the monthly income received,
  • the income of the family unit,
  • from regular payments,
  • by the number of installments repaid referring to the last loan obtained
  • from any commitments in the payroll (business loans, assignment of the fifth , attachment, etc.)
  • from the type of employment contract or type of employment

There are so many considerations to evaluate; for this reason the advice is to rely on a consultant who can direct you on the best choice.

In fact, in some cases, instead of asking for a new loan, it is worth considering a loan for consolidating debts plus new liquidity . It means to combine all the commitments in one installment, reduce the monthly exposure, get more money .

For more details on this opportunity read debt consolidation loans.

Why Globalfin?

Where to apply for a loan? What do you need for a loan? The answer is simple, entrusted to our society. We are registered in the OAM n M359 register as a credit broker. Our task is to put the customer and the bank or financial in contact with the aim of guaranteeing the best 2018 loan!

How much is your service?

Nothing, we do not ask for money. The customer will benefit from our experience and advice absolutely free!

Where are you?

The headquarters of the company is Reggio Emilia, but we are active throughout the national territory with collaborators trained and regularly enrolled in the register. Where do you live? Rome, Milan, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Modena, Bologna, Verona, Turin, Cagliari ? We are also present in your city!

How does it work?

Completed the contact form, within a few minutes you will receive a call from the telephone area code 0522 (Reggio Emilia); with one of our experts you will evaluate the best conditions offered and in case you intend to proceed, an appointment will be arranged directly at home. So, from the comfort of your home, you can manage all your practice. We will guide you until the provision of the loan.

The request made on our site will not be reported to the credit databases.

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