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Image result for transparency and safetyThe multiple offers of funding that the financial market presents through intermediaries of all kinds have made it increasingly complex to make the right choice without fear of receiving unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, it often happens to run into poorly organized companies, which lack transparency and clarity in illustrating their product.

The bureaucratic process is often left out and treated in a superficial way, which is why one of the big problems becomes able to calculate the actual timing for obtaining credit, naturally, a serious company will always be able to tell you with certainty what the times are. No less important is the assistance at all stages, from the estimate to the signing of the contract, including the time of the payment of the sums, if agreed in advance, also the request for any outstanding and insurance shares not taken out of previous contracts.

The Cessione del Quinto, for example, is one of the loans that are most affected by the lack, by intermediaries who propose it, of experience and above all transparency. In fact, these are fundamental aspects that only companies with experience and rooted in the territory have. This is why it often happens that many people experience negative experiences during the request of the Cession of the Fifth, this makes them desist from requesting it, so we at LeaseCredi strongly believe in the support of the person who turns to us, we offer free advice so that the person can become aware of all the steps and therefore be a conscious use of the funding.

Features and Benefits

Image result for featuresTo understand how it is possible to regain trust and get hold of the right company to obtain secured funding through the Cession of the Fifth, we spend a few words explaining what it consists of and what the actual benefits it offers are. It is a loan aimed exclusively at State employees, public and pensioners Inps and exIndap, allows them to request the amount necessary to meet their liquidity needs and to return it through the debit of monthly installments directly on the paycheck or pension, which can not exceed one-fifth of the same. The duration between which you can choose from 24 to 120 months, is guaranteed by life insurance coverage and employment, allows you to obtain large sums, contact us to find out which.

The agency must be synonymous with certainty and satisfaction

The numerous and justified reasons highlighted in the introduction, which push people to look for other ways to obtain liquidity, can make us make mistakes. In fact, the pseudo consultants, who pretend to be professionals, are not inclined to transparency, so we must avoid them so as not to renounce the great possibility that offers to fund such as the Cessione del Quinto. There are bad wolves, but there are also serious agencies. We believe that to be defined as such it is necessary to make Transparency, Competence, and Correctness one’s daily motto. We have been operating in the field of Cessione del Quinto for over ten years, using highly qualified and specialized personnel, we have not been here by chance.

Invest in your future

<strong>Invest in your future</strong>

Advice can be booked online from the comfort of your home or wherever you want to be on a smartphone. By completing the form you find HERE you will be contacted within 60 minutes. The free advice you can do directly in the offices of Cagliari LeaseCredi, via Pierluigi da Palestrina 48 / bo if you prefer we come to see you, wherever you are, in fact, we are present throughout Sardinia.